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Carpet Styles

The following is a list of various carpet styles but is only an overview of the many styles and designs that are available in the market place today. We touch on the most popular styles and offer only a short overview. Depending on your tastes, needs and lifestyle, carpeting is one of the most versatile floor covering options. And when it comes to your color options, your carpet selections will be practically limitless!
  • VELVET PLUSH is rich, luxurious, with a smooth or flat surface. Very dense construction, applied in more formal settings. This style will show the most shading from vacuum sweeping and footprints, which may be of concern to some homeowners.
  • SAXONY has longer pile height, softer feeling, less formal application. This style will also show vacuum shading and footprints.
  • TEXTURED SAXONY & TEXTURED PLUSHES are the two most common styles sold today due to the twist on the tufts and the two levels of shearing, the carpet may have a two-tone appearance Because of the texture of this style, shading and footprints are considerably less noticeable.
  • BERBER carpets are constructed with a large loop that looks like a knot. The loops can be level, all the same height, or constructed with different heights to create patterns that offer a different look. Berbers comprise of about one third of all carpet sold today.
  • FRIEZE is a style of carpet with extra resilience and resistance to crushing due to the high twist level of the yarn. The yarns are pulled down very low and dense. This style carpet has high durability and usually used in more informal room settings.
  • SHAG has long pile. Yes, it's back! Shags are very thick, high quality, casual application. Because of the long pile, you must keep vacuum beater bar set at the "Shag" setting. Also, do not leave vacuum running when it's in stationary position. (The carpet fiber can become tangled on sweeper bar and create damage)