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Carpet installation

It is important to be able to rely on your dealer's experience and judgment regarding installation. Your dealer serves an important function by matching the skills of your installer to the requirements of your job. That's why it's smart to buy your carpet and installation from the same dealer. This gives you a single responsible place to go with questions and problems.

Nine steps to assure that you are satisfied with your carpet installation.

The first four steps are steps taken at the time of your purchase and confirmed before your installation takes place. 
The remaining five steps pertain to on-site installation of your carpet.
Any questions or concerns should be handled with your sales person prior to the installation date being scheduled.

  1. Discuss and approve the location of carpet seams.
  2. Determine who will move furniture and reach an agreement on any charges for this service.
    1. If Southwest Floors is moving the furniture, we will moveonly the large peices of furniture, but ask the customer to move smaller pieces (ottomans, knick-knacks, end tables, lamps etc.). China, books and other contents need to be removed from the large pieces before they can be moved

    2. When customers are moving the furniture, it should be moved before the installers arrive.

  3. Decide who will remove and dispose of any existing carpet and padding and all staples, and agree on charges.
  4. Colors and/or finished for transitional metals / moldings must be selected ar least one week prior to installation to avoid delays of your installation.
  5. Understand your warranties - know what is and is not covered - and the procedure for handling a service call.
  6. Vacuum old carpet prior to the arrival of the installer.
  7. Inspect the completed installation with the installer.
  8. Continue operating the ventilation system at normal room temperature for up to 72 hours after installation. If possible, open windows to increase the flow of fresh air.
  9. Retain a scrap of the carpet approximately 1 foot square or larger to patch holes if necessary.
  10. Keep indoor temperature and humidity at levels comfortable for living conditions. Temperatures below 65 degrees and above 95 degrees can cause the carpet to buckle.