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Carpet Cushion

carpet cushion padding

What Will Carpet Cushion do for you?

Carpet cushion, sometimes called padding, performs two functions. Make your carpet feel good when you walk on it, and to help your carpet maintain its original appearance over time. Carpet cushion is like the shock absorbers on your car. It's there to protect your investment by absorbing the pounding of foot traffic.

Carpet cushion should neither be too soft nor too firm. It should have good support, but also some "springiness" to it. Within this range you can select a firmer or softer feel depending on the type of carpet you are installing and your preference to the feel underfoot. Just as advancements took place in the field of fiber, great advancements took place in carpet cushion in regard to moisture and odor resistance. Spillguard barrier film prevents spills and accidents from penetrating the cushion, so they can be blotted from the carpet quickly and easily. Spill guard is also available with antimicrobial features.


Bonded carpet cushion is the most popular carpet cushion, used in over eighty percent (80%) of all residential installations. An excellent value, bonded provides outstanding performance and comfort. Bonded cushion is composed of new foam that has been recycled from other manufacturing operations such as furniture, bedding, and automotive, thus helping to reduce landfill waste and improve our environment.

The standard cushion we use under all normal type carpets is Scottdel's "Tartan". This is a premium cushion, 7/16" thickness and eight-pound density. Under Berber carpets we use the same premium cushion that allows for the maximum comfort in the home environment.